The Top Secret in Real Estate Marketing: How Sean Sold His Townhouse Faster


April 15, 2024

We all know the power of a good first impression, and in the world of real estate, that impression often comes in the form of a photograph. But what if capturing that perfect picture just isn't feasible? Regular photos are great, but they can only show what's already there.

Two Weeks to Sell? No Problem (Except for One!)

Sean, a New York homeowner, was there. He'd just finished a big renovation on his townhouse, and it looked amazing. But there was a problem - selling season started in two weeks, and he needed stunning photos to show it off. Regular photos wouldn't work - no time! Stressful, right?

Well, Sean found a surprising solution that not only helped him sell his house faster but also made it look even better.  He needs two amazing photos: one of the front and one of the back. These pictures will be the first impression for potential buyers, so they need to be perfect! This is about how Sean's townhouse went from stressed sales to sold-out success, all thanks to a secret weapon – Renderings!

The Front: Where Old Meets New

Imagine walking up the sidewalk and seeing Sean’s house for the first time. The middle part of the house, with its charming windows, is the star of the show. Here's what will make it pop:

A Touch of Modern:

The historical details are still there, but Sean added a cool twist - a brand-new, modern front door! It's made of steel and glass, letting lots of light into the house and making it look super stylish.

Windows that Shine:

The windows are all new too, and they're painted a bright white that stands out against the brick. Imagine the sunlight streaming in and making the rooms feel warm and welcoming.

Landscaping Magic:

The garden beds are full of fresh flowers and plants. There's a beautiful green mix that adds a touch of nature to the house. A nice little pathway leads through the garden, inviting people to explore.

The Back: Rooftop Dreams Come True!

The back of the house used to be pretty plain as shown above, but now it has a secret weapon: a giant rooftop deck! Let's pretend we're Sean, climbing the stairs and seeing this amazing space:


A Private Oasis:

The deck is surrounded by glass railings, so you can see the whole city - from the tall buildings to the green parks below. Sean can already picture himself relaxing here with a glass of wine at sunset.

Stylish Touches:

The railing is a cool geometric design called "Chippendale." It adds a modern touch that goes well with the historic details of the house. Imagine leaning against the railing and enjoying the view.

City Chic Vibes:

The siding on the back is painted a modern grey colour called "Urban Loft." It looks sleek and goes perfectly with the green plants around the deck. All the pieces fit together beautifully.

A Peek Inside:

The back windows let you see a glimpse of the house inside. Imagine comfy couches, a fireplace, and bookshelves full of stories. Sean wants whoever buys the house to feel like it's a cozy and comfortable place to call home.

Collaborative Creation: From Drawings to Flawless Renderings

To achieve the best results, Sean provided us with key resources:


Elevational Drawings:

These detailed technical plans served as a blueprint for the renderings, ensuring accurate dimensions and spatial relationships.

Site Images and Details:

Existing photos of the property, along with specific details about materials and finishes, helped us create lifelike visuals that matched Sean's vision.

Despite the tight timeline, the rendering project was completed with remarkable speed and efficiency. Through a collaborative process with back-and-forth revisions, Sean and our rendering team were able to achieve the perfect balance of speed and quality. This ensured the renderings not only captured the essence of his renovated townhouse but also exceeded his expectations.

Sold Out in a Flash!

Remember Sean's two-week deadline? Thanks to the power of renderings, his beautifully renovated townhouse didn't languish on the market. The captivating front and rear-view renderings, showcasing the modern touches and rooftop oasis, attracted a flurry of interest. The house sold out quickly, surpassing Sean's expectations.

This story goes beyond a speedy sale. Sean's experience highlights the power of visualization in the world of real estate. Renderings allowed him to see the finish & decide as the renderings helped Sean visualize the final product, refine details, and make informed design choices.


Lesson Learned:

Sean's story is an inspiration for anyone embarking on a renovation project. It demonstrates that with a little creativity and the right tools, you can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results. Don't let time constraints or incomplete finishes hold you back. Renderings can be your secret weapon, helping you visualize the potential of your space and create a captivating first impression that leads to a successful sale. Contact us at today!

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