Adaptable Renderings for a Diverse Market- Shawn's Home Interior Tale


May 04, 2024

Building a home is one of the most significant investments a person can make, both financially and emotionally. There is one tool that empowers them to make informed decisions every step of the way. Want to see how different paint colours will look in the living room? Curious about the impact of adding a skylight to the master bedroom? With renderings, clients can explore endless possibilities and make choices they'll be happy with in the long run.

Shawn, from Houston, had a dream to build a custom luxury home. He chose Partners in Building, a luxury home builder, to make this dream a reality. They provided him with detailed blueprints, including elevation profiles and floor plans. However, Shawn found it hard to picture what his future home would look like, both inside and out, just from these drawings. This was a big decision, and he wanted to be sure before signing a contract worth a million dollars. 


Now, this matters because building a home isn't just about throwing money at contractors. It's personal. It's about making choices you'll love for years to come. Renderings give you the power to explore every nook of your future home, so you can make decisions that make you jump for joy, not scratch your head in regret.

And the best part is that when you're part of the process, when you can see your dreams taking shape right before your eyes, you're not just building a house. You're building trust. Trust between you and your builder. Trust that they get your vision and won't let you down.


Design Dilemmas:

Shanobar, Shawn’s wife, was excited to add her personal touch to the interiors of their new home. She had a clear vision of elegance and comfort but wasn’t sure how to bring it all together. Her collection of reference images showed beautiful homes with a modern, luxurious feel—spaces filled with soft grey hues, rich wooden features, and sleek marble surfaces.


Shanobar imagined a home where modern design meets timeless elegance. She loved the idea of combining grey tones with the warmth of wood.  The heart of the home, the kitchen, was envisioned with pristine marble countertops. To add character to the walls, Shanobar was drawn with textured paints that create a subtle, tactile experience. A statement staircase, perhaps with a unique design or striking handrails, would serve as a centrepiece, drawing the eye and adding to the home’s luxurious feel. A solid wooden dining table would anchor the dining area, surrounded by matching chairs or perhaps a mix of seating for a more eclectic look. Other wooden furnishings like a stylish console and a fireplace framed with concrete and wooden slats would enhance the home’s cozy yet chic vibe.


The Solution: Houston3DRenderings

That’s where came in. They delivered photorealistic interior renderings, and a virtual 360-degree view of the four rooms including bathrooms and closets, kitchen and pantry and the heart of the home – living room. The team took Shanobar's favourite design images and quickly understood what the couple wanted. Then, they created photorealistic renderings of the entire house’s interior. They worked fast and at affordable rates, which is rare these days.


However, the project needed a few rounds of changes to get everything just right. Shawn and Shanobar reviewed the images and asked for adjustments until they were happy with every detail. The couple can now see what their home will look like. They can walk through each room, even though it’s not built yet. The renderings help them make decisions and changes before the actual building starts. It’s like they’re watching their dream home come to life.

As Shawn and Shanobar's project continues to evolve, one thing remains certain: with Houston3DRenderings by their side, their dream home is not just a possibility—it's a promise waiting to be fulfilled. So, whether you're starting your home-building journey or seeking to breathe new life into an existing space, remember: with Houston3DRenderings, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

If you're interested in reaching out to Houston3DRenderings to discuss your project or explore how we can bring your architectural visions to life, Email at or Phone: +832-422-5264 and do not forget to check out the website: Houston3drenderings

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