How 3D Renderings Can Boost Your Custom Home Business- Nick's Project


February 01, 2024

This week, it is our client Nick who’s a custom home builder located in Indiana who specializes in creating unique and personalized homes for his clients. He had a challenging project to construct a custom home for his client based on the blueprint drawings that the client had approved. However, there was a problem: the client could not visualize how the home would look like in 3D from the 2D drawings. Nick needed a quick and effective solution to help his client see the potential of his design and make any changes before the construction began.

That’s when Nick turned to Houston3drenderings, a professional 3D rendering service that has a team of skilled and experienced artists who can create stunning 3D renderings of any architectural project, from residential to commercial, from interior to exterior, from day to night. It can deliver high-quality 3D renderings in a fast and affordable manner, saving time and money for both the builder and the client.

The Challenge:  

Nick’s client wanted a perfect home, but he could not see what it would look like from the drawings. The 2D drawings helped him understand the foundation and basics, but the client wanted to feel like he was inside the home. He needed something more realistic and detailed.

Rendering Iterations: 

Houston3drenderings initiated the project by taking the client's 2D blueprints, incorporating their markup comments, and creating the first set of rendering images. However, the journey did not end there. Through multiple revision rounds, the client and the rendering team collaborated to refine and enhance the design, ensuring it met the client's expectations.

Within a short time, Houston3drenderings’ artists turned the 2D design into a 3D photorealistic rendering image, showing the front view of the house with all the details and colors. Nick was impressed by the quality and accuracy of the rendering and shared it with his client.

First Iteration:

In this initial phase, the focus was on implementing fundamental changes outlined by the client. These included adjustments to the hipped roof, flat roof, and the orientation of the pool. The client provided markup comments indicating their preferences, which served as a guiding framework for the rendering team.

Revision Comments Round 01:

  • Hipped Roof and Flat Roof: The client requested simple changes to the roof structures, possibly altering the pitch or shape to better suit their vision.
  • Pool Orientation: The orientation of the pool was adjusted based on the client's preferences, ensuring it aligned with the overall design aesthetic.

Second Iteration:

Building upon the feedback received from the first iteration, significant modifications were introduced in the second round of revisions. These changes aimed to address specific client preferences regarding structural elements and material choices.

Revision Comments Round 02:

  • Ground Elevation and Steps: Major changes were made to the ground elevation, including the addition of steps to enhance accessibility and aesthetics.
  • Garage Structure: Modifications to the garage slab and roof were implemented to accommodate the client's desired architectural changes.
  • Material Changes: Stone material and Porte-Cochere features were revamped to align with the client's preferences, ensuring consistency and visual appeal.

Third Iteration:

In the final round of revisions, the focus shifted towards fine-tuning details to achieve a polished and cohesive design. The client provided specific instructions regarding overhangs, stone appearance, and column materials, which were carefully integrated into the rendering.

Revision Comments Round 03:

  • Overhangs: The client requested adjustments to the overhangs to ensure consistency and aesthetic coherence throughout the design. 
  • Stone Appearance: Detailed instructions were provided to replicate a specific stone appearance, adding depth and realism to the rendering. 
  • Column Materials: Changes were made to the materials used for the Porte-Cochere columns, aligning them with the client's vision for consistency and visual appeal.

Houston3drenderings carefully listened to what the client wanted and made changes in every step of creating the design. This way, the final design truly represented what the client had in mind for their custom home. The teamwork and back-and-forth communication between the client and Houston3drenderings improved the quality of the design and created a positive relationship. In the end, the outcome was even better than expected, making the whole process a success.

Visual Transformation: To provide a glimpse into the transformation process, here are two rendering images showcasing the evolution of the garage and other structural changes based on the client's feedback:


Image A: Initial rendering with proposed changes VS Image B: Final rendering incorporating client's revisions.

Nick was very happy with the service and the results that Houston3drenderings provided. He was able to save time and money by avoiding unnecessary changes and delays in the construction phase. He also gained the trust and loyalty of his clients by delivering a high-quality and personalized service.

Houston3drenderings is more than just a 3D rendering service. It is a partner that can help builders, architects, designers, and homeowners create their ideal projects with ease and confidence. Whether it is a custom home, a commercial building, a renovation, or a landscape, Houston3drenderings can bring any 2D design to life with stunning 3D renderings that capture every detail and emotion. Contact us today at to start your custom home project and experience the power of personalized design.

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