With 3D floor plan rendering images, our customers were able to form a realistic idea of the properties


August 30, 2022

Timothy Watt is the owner of a private residential company. He wanted to attract more customers for his residential properties. When he came across 3D floor plans online, Watt became interested in providing a visual experience for his customers. 2D floor plans couldn’t capture the design and spatial arrangements clearly like a 3D floor plan design. In a competitive market, a unique marketing idea is crucial. “I wanted a solid advertisement for our new properties that can induce a creative interest among customers”, Watt said. He wanted his customers to visualize how the house interiors will look like.

3D floor plans provide buyers with accurate and comprehensive plans. It helps buyers with realistic visualization of space. So, Watt decided to get a floor plan rendering service from Houston3Drenderings. “We wanted a rendering company with quick turnaround and produce a high-quality 3D floor plan rendering for marketing purposes,” Watt said. “Communication was great, they were able to understand our needs easily”. After back-and-forth communications, Houston3Drenderings were quick to complete the final rendered floor plans.

“With 3D floor plan rendering images, our customers were able to form a realistic idea of the properties,” Watt said. “For an excellent marketing plan, a visually attractive 3D floor plan design was necessary than a simple plan drawing. “When we presented it to buyers, they were greatly impressed by the virtual experience of spaces and color.” Watt expressed how the buyers were able to visualize the details and spatial relationships better from their marketing images with rendered floor plans. “We enjoyed working with the Houston3Drenderings team, they were incredibly helpful and reliable.”

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