** All information requested is to be delivered in electronic format

Perspective Angle

1.    Marked viewing angle. This is the angle how to view assets.

CAD Files

1.    If you don’t have any CAD file to your asset, please provide us any files which are not limited to hand sketch as well as its detailed dimension

2.    Floor plan

3.    Interior elevations

4.    Furniture layout

5.    Kitchen design (if applicable)

Design Information

1.    Floor colors and style (i.e. wood floors, maple color)

2.    Wall colors (paint swatches or samples)

3.    Appliance colors and design in pictures

4.    Kitchen cabinet colors (picture sample of the finish)

5.    Closet shelving colors and styles in pictures

Photography (if available)

1.    Any photos of unit or similar unit

2.    Any photos of furniture, layout, or certain features to be shown

Sketches and renderings (if available)

1.    All architectural renderings and sketches