** All information requested is to be delivered in electronic format

Perspective Angle

1.    Marked viewing angle. This is the angle how to view assets.

CAD Files

1.    Floor plans and interior elevations of units to be animated

2.    Ceiling plan that showcases and ceiling details to be seen in animation

Design Information (In electronic format)

1.    Interior design information on desired motif (sample materials, textures, and furniture)

2.    Electronic samples of flooring, cabinet material, and countertops

1.    Furniture layout diagram for all areas to be seen in animation

Photography (if available)

1.       Any photos of interior motif design, for example, magazine pictures

2.       Photography of any views from the unit which can be incorporated in the final animation (must be provided in high resolution)

Sketches and renderings (if available)

1.    All architectural renderings and sketches

2.    Interior design details, for example, ceiling design, niches, etc.

Music and voice over

      1.       Music style

      2.       Voiceover