** All information requested is to be delivered in electronic format

Perspective Angle

1.    Marked viewing angle. This is the angle how to view assets.

CAD Files

1.    If you don’t have any CAD file to your asset, please provide us any files which are not limited to hand sketch as well as its detailed dimension

2.    Site plan

3.    All building elevations (all four sides and roof plans)

4.    Landscape plan with pictures of corresponding plants

Design Information

1.    Exterior building materials, colors, textures. Please provide us pictures you can have from anywhere. Those pictures will be the best tool for our communication.

2.    Roof style, pavers, color and samples in pictures

Photography (if available)

1.    Aerial photography of property and surrounding areas

2.    All pictures of available property

3.    Pictures that will be superimposed to the rendering should be provided in a high-resolution format and from the exact angle that the rendering will be designed from.

Sketches and renderings (if available)

1.    All architectural renderings and sketches